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helle Lagune, Ay200

helle Lagune, Ay200

57,00 EUR

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Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 2-3 Tagen

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57,00 EUR


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content: 70% silk/30% viscose.
Price per 100g: 28.50 EUR

We have it - the absolute yarn dream: "Ayana Silk". The softness of the yarn is really beyond description, you have to feel it and it won't let go of you ... And the really enchanting gloss ....
It's made from silk and seacell ®.seacell ® is derived from marine algae.
Pure luxury for your skin! We hand painted this dream-yarn with professional colours for wool and silk.
You get a 200g strand.
The wool's length is about 400 m per 100g.
Hand wash in hand warm water only.

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