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petrol Nuancen, SoftM650, 110g

petrol Nuancen, SoftM650, 110g

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18,70 EUR


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content: 100% wool
100g price: 17,00 EUR

Soo soft, made from 19,5 micron fine Merino wool.

This yarn has a very special twist, it has 4 single strands, two of those 4 strands are twisted with each other.
This makes the yarn very shiny.

The color shows very expressive colorshades and our special dying technique with many color layers shows a really great effect on the yarn.

This yarn is very smooth and has a very interesting yarn structure.

The yarn has a length of 650m per 100g, recommended needle size is 2-4mm depending on pattern.

Hand wash ist recommended because its such a fine lace yarn, the fiber is superwash treated.

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