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knitting planner Strickmich!

Find here what Martina Behm is writing about her knitting planner :-)

All those pretty patterns! I wish you could also sell me time to knit ...“ – I have received quite a few messages along those lines. As a passionate knitter, I know what you are talking about: So many creative ideas – but how do I find the time to pursue them? The day-by-day juggling a job, family and friends, the house, the garden, the pets... It is a big challenge to synchronize deadlines and appointments with everyone involved, and an even bigger one to plan ahead, prioritize – and schedule time for yourself: Time to relax and do things that bring you joy, like knitting. Knitting can serve as a kind of meditation, a time-out from all the tasks, the chores and demands of others. Knitting is the time you spend creating something beautiful, making the world a little warmer and more enjoyable. 

That is why we made Strickplaner 2018: A little book that will help you manage your tasks and appointments so you will actually find the time for what is important to you, and to cleverly plan and organize your crafty life! Strickplaner (“Knitting Planner”) features the weekly planning system developed by Munich-based company Weekview: Instead of carrying an ever-growing to-do list from day to day, you plan your entire week with enough buffer time. People have been organizing their lives in rhythms of 7 days for millennia, and it really works! First you plan, then you create, and at the end of the week you find time to relax and reflect on how the week went and what you learned for the upcoming one. Even if a day does not go as intended – the important thing is to be able to look back on the entire week and feel good about what you have achieved.  

Woven strickmich labels 3 pieces

Woven strickmich labels 3 pieces

Woven Strickmich labels 3 pieces

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