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hellbraun, zauberei

hellbraun, zauberei

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Tuchset "magic"

composition of yarns: yarn no.1: 70% silk, 30% viscose
yarn no.2: 90% alpaka, 10% nylon

Yarn Kit fot the shawl "Magic" with pattern (by Ingrid Hiddessen), yarns and knitting needle, the yarn color you will get you can see on the first photo.
This pattern introduces beginning knitters and shawl newbies to the art of knitting shawls.
With step-by-step instructions you will be able to finish a shawl that brings out the best in the luxurious yarn mix.
Of course, you can get the pattern in english language.
The finished size of the shawl is about 155cmx70cm(61"x27").
The shawl is knitted with shiny silk/seacell® yarn (100g of silk/seacell®, yarn price: 25.50 EUR) and fluffy alpaca yarn (100g of alpaca/nylon, yarn price 13.50 EUR).
The set includes: the pattern and 2x100g yarn.

All you need to start is in the kit, only the 3 stich markers you need are not included.
We wish you a lot of fun with our shawl kit.
hellbraun, zauberei hellbraun, zauberei hellbraun, zauberei


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