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Anleitung Inuit Mütze

Anleitung Inuit Mütze

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Art.Nr.: Inuit Mütze

3,50 EUR


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pattern for hat "Inuit"

Pattern is also availlable in english language, please choose the language you like when downloading this pattern.

This hat consists of a warm outer hat that is lined with a inner layer.

We recommend as outer yarn a dk length (around 220m/100g) and a fingering weight yarn for the inner hat.

Seasoned knitters will use the short instructions and skip the indented and italicized boxes.

For beginners, the boxes contain detailed explanations with links and videos to help everyone along and improve and refine their skills.

We wish you a lot of fun with our knitting pattern.

Anleitung Inuit Mütze Anleitung Inuit Mütze

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