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Double Point 5.00mm (US 8) 8"

Double Point 5.00mm (US 8) 8"

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8,90 EUR


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Double Point 5.00mm (US 8) 8", Cubics Rose

- Recommended for Knitters having arthritis problems
- The cuboid shape in square cross-section gradually gives way to perfectly tapered birch wood needle points
- Elegant densified laminated Symfonie Rose wood is rich in appearance, yet lightweight, strong & flexible
- Unique ergonomic shape provides comfort to the hand and yields uniform stitch formation. The double points are perfect for socks!
- Polished wood surface works effortlessly with every type of yarn without slowing down knitting rhythm
- Warm to the touch, and gentle in the hand
- Special cuboid shape in square cross-section of needle means that when not in use they stay put – no roll-a-ways!
- Perfect for beginners too – provide easy grip and control over your knitting
- Needle size is measured diagonally –fits into standard needle sizer just like round needles
- The knitter’s favorite needle: Providing hours of pleasurable knitting with no hand fatigue
- Provides comfortable knitting experience to arthritic hands

Set of 5 Symfonie Cubics Rose Double Pointed Needles
Double Point 5.00mm (US 8) 8

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