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Circular 40" (100cm), 3.50mm (4)

Circular 40" (100cm), 3.50mm (4)

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7,50 EUR


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Circular ChiaoGoo RED Premium

The original line of fixed RED Stainless steel Circulars uses a flexible, multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon that allows your yarn to slide right over and has No memory.

Made of surgical-grade stainless steel they have a smoth-sheen finish that won't reflect any light making it hard to see your work.

The spectacular tips and joins are precisely machined and are lightweight and strong.

They are available in six different length ranging from 9" (23cm) through 40" (100cm).

The 12" (30cm) and longer lengths have a bend in the needle to help ease hand fatigue.

Needle size is permanently laser imprinted on each circular.

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