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Zaubertanz, ps1000, 50g

Zaubertanz, ps1000, 50g

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Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 2-3 Tagen

Art.Nr.: ch4241

12,75 EUR


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More info


composition: 100% silk
100g price: 25.50 EUR

Very special yarn, looks a bit like a "pearl yarn". 
It has a special touch, strong and smooth at the same time, with a little amount of silk gum in it which gives him a special structure and strength without being hard or scratchy.

Also very well suited for other kind of needle works like crocheting, lace works or embroidery.
We hand painted this dream-yarn with professional wool/silk colors.
Because of our specially developed dyeing process the yarn has wonderfully smooth color transitions.

The wool's  length is 1000 m per 100g. 
Recommended needle size 3 - 4,5mm.
Hand wash in hand warm water only.

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