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100ml eucalyptus scent

100ml eucalyptus scent

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4,90 EUR


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100ml bottle with eucalyptus scent (natural oil as fragrance)
(at this barrel price per liter: 49 Euro)

Eucalan’s Eucalyptus No Rinse Delicate Wash is our original scent.
First introduced in 1989, it is scented using essential oil of eucalyptus.
Eucalyptus oil is a natural moth and flea inhibitor, so use Eucalan Eucalyptus regularly on woolens and particularly before storing them for the season.
The lanolin enriched formula helps to naturally condition fibres and keep static away.
Use on all your delicates like sweaters, lingerie, hosiery, comforters, down jackets, bathing suits and baby items.
An excellent choice for men.

For using instructions and additional informations please look here:

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